Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Update

It was a busy weekend for Ted.

Therapy continued on Friday and Saturday (morning only) with much more walking and leg lifts. I arrived Saturday in time to see him take a couple of steps and he is regularly doing his leg and knee lifts both when sitting in his wheel chair and when resting in bed. He spends much of his day in the chair – using the bed for afternoon naps (a luxury these days) and sleeping (as opposed to the hospital and his first days at MJ where he was primarily bed-ridden).

His upper left arm gains more mobility each day though the arm below the elbow and his left hand have yet to “wake up”. As we are learning, there are a LOT of brain cells that need to be reprogrammed and it takes time to get everything back working again.

As noted last week, they are cutting the speech therapy down to once a day (could it have something to do with all the work he is doing talking to all of you via his cell phone? Keep those calls coming – we LOVE it!). They will use the extra slot for additional physical therapy.

Ted was pretty tired by the weekend but we did manage to get outside on both Saturday and Sunday – discovering the beautiful grounds of the facility and how much work it takes to push someone in a wheel chair uphill!

The staff stops by regularly to check on the Cubs score – they are very careful about the timing of taking his blood pressure (especially during a couple of the games this past weekend). Based on his popularity at the center we may have a hard time getting the staff to let him come home. All weekend I kept hearing them tell him and me what a great patient he is!

By the way – Ted is online now and able to get to both this blog (so he can read all your comments) and to his face book page. (He has asked me to continue posting the blog for now – he says once handed typing is very tedious!)

Thanks for all your support.
Michelle & Ted


  1. You make me feel guilty, Ted. I could be doing leg lifts right now, as I write this, but instead, I am drinking coffee and eating chocolate. You are truly an inspiration to us all. ;-)


  2. It was so good to talk to you yesterday. Keep up the good work!

    Luv ya,
    Susan & Sheldon

    P.S. Go Braves!