Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ted: "I know things now"

Tuesday provided a number of gains for Ted. He was officially upgraded to be allowed to do all ADL’s (getting dressed, shaving and using the bathroom) with ZERO assistance. He was showing off last night – demonstrating how he can very quickly and steadily pull him self from a sitting to a standing position using the handrail of his bed. (Though I have not seen it, I’m guessing the quad-cane gives him the same support and ability when he is not near a railing he can use for leverage).

With the upgrade in his level of assistance the occupational therapy sessions will move from ADL to increased work on regeneration of muscles and movement in his left arm.

Ted met with a group of Doctors from Midwest University in Downers Grove, Illinois. Ted will be part of their case study regarding the effect and recovery time on younger stroke victims. Ted will be wearing both a pedometer and a GPS to record his movements and his progress. The money he is paid to participate in the study will be donated to research / support of other stroke victims.

Physical therapy included more stairs – he is now up to 16 steps in a session (the exact number of steps he needs to be able to climb when returning home on Saturday).

We are excited to have Ted’s brother Rick staying with us to support Ted’s return home and his transition into outpatient therapy. Thanks to our dear friend Sharon Place for picking Rick up at the airport and to Rick for changing his plans and coming straight to Chicago from a large family graduation ceremony (2 nieces and a future nephew-in-law) in Nebraska.

We are very blessed and continue to thank everyone for all their support (and the loan of wheelchairs, canes and other equipment Ted will need once he returns home).


(note from Blogmistress: In case you are wondering about some of the mysterious blog headings, they are all songs from musicals, mostly Sondheim.)


  1. This is fantastic Ted! Gena, Adam and I are wishing you all the best. You are AMAZING! "Give us more to see!" Fondly, Kevin

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  3. GPS? This sounds like amazing fun for friends.. and every wife's dream.. to be able to trak Ted's location at any given time...

    Lets get this rascal hooked up to the internet and register TEDTRACKER.COM..

    "Gee, Officer Krupke,You heard what we said
    A GPS is strapped to our dear old friend Ted
    He now may never wander
    He now may never roam
    Now you can know when he is home!"

  4. This note isn't as original as others, but Hey, Hey, Hey, What do you say? Ted's come aa long way today! Linda and Lou