Friday, May 8, 2009

Update from Michelle

Thursday, May 7th, a group of 20 – 30 friends surprised Ted with a “sing-a-long”. Dave Lindley, vice-president of the Summer Place Community Theater Board, arranged with Marion Joy to bring in a keyboard and actors / singers from various productions in which Ted has been involved ( including Guys & Dolls, Peter Pan and Even Stephens – a review done in March of 2009). A grand time was had by all singing favorites from a variety of shows.

Though the staff at the facility looked a bit amazed at first we had quite a crowd gathered by the end of the event.

Earlier in the day Ted had several therapy sessions continuing to work on daily living tasks, walking (doubled the walk from Wednesday by doing 100 feet!) and climbing stairs. He said he is doing so well on the speech therapy (you’d know it is true if you had heard him singing last night) that they are cutting one of the speech therapy sessions and replacing it with an additional physical therapy session. He also had a rousing game of Dice with the recreational therapist and cannot wait until the Scrabble Game day!

We are counting the days until he can come home and are working on figuring out how to get to as many Cubs Games as possible. Their website gives details about disabled parking and wheelchair access so … we’ll see what happens.

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