Friday, May 15, 2009

Ted: Merrily he rolls along

Several of the regular readers of this blog have commented to me on Ted’s remarkable progress. Some have even begin to think he is having WAY too much fun at Marion Joy.

While I don’t think the way too much fun is true, he has certainly made a lot of new friends as well as enhancing his / our connections with our “old” friends.

Yesterday brought more work on his left arm including skateboard sessions in which they applied a massage device and some electrodes to his arm to stimulate the muscles. It appears the stimulus “woke up” some of the muscles since he was able to do more / better work with his arm after the application.

The walking and building up his stamina continues. He told me that the sorting exercises are designed to give him something to do while they are timing how long he can stand at a stretch.
Recreational therapy introduced Ted to a new “toy”. He had his first Wii bowling session. He beat the therapist with a score of 147. (We don’t have a Will at home but I have a feeling a request may be forthcoming). He didn’t say what she scored but he was thinking she may not want to play with him again!

We continue to look at a release date of Saturday May 23rd. Our Summer Place friends have a “crew” lined up to come over to our house tomorrow (Saturday, May 16) to install grab bars, railings and anything else that Marion Joy believes Ted will need to continue his road to recovery once he comes home.

Thanks for all your help, support and prayers. We know we could not get through this without all of you!

Michelle & Ted

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