Sunday, May 3, 2009

All about Ted

May 3, 2009: If you weren't aware, our great friend, Ted Waltmire, suffered a stroke a week ago. He was very smart to wake up Michelle and tell her he thought he was having a stroke. She was very smart to immediately call 911, at which point he was rushed to Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove. He was given t-PA (a clot busting drug), and then transferred to Central DuPage Hospital's Neuro ICU.

In case you are wondering who is writing this, I am a good friend of Ted's who has known him since we were both 15 years old, and got detentions together for sword-fighting with our rulers in Spanish class. I'm also an RN, so, here's the public service announcement: If you think you are having a stroke, CALL 911 RIGHT AWAY! Remember, TIME IS BRAIN. Michelle was a smart cookie. You can be, too. Okay, end of public service announcement.

So, at this point, Ted is now at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Center in Wheaton, Illinois. He will be working very hard at Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and then will do it all over again!

In this blog, I will post updates from Michelle, and she and Ted can let us all know when he is up for visitors, when he would like to rest, etc. He will be kept really busy in rehab.

Also, please post your comments and get well wishes. Ted should be able to get on a computer soon. So, here's to THE MIGHTY TED!


  1. Mary, Thanks for this post! Ted and I have been talking most everyday (short conversations) and I can hear a definate improvement!
    Ted and I met at 14 ( I was still 13) and we have been warped ever since. For those of you not around in those days, let's put it this way....we were teenagers... enough said. We had a lot of fun, believe me.
    Pray for Ted's recovery and thank God he still has his incredible sense of humor going our ya, Nick

  2. Dear Ted,

    I am rejoicing in your Marion Joy opportunity. I have watched many over the years recieve incredible care from the skilled people at MJ.

    As I have said already you are in the prayers of more than you will ever know. I will see you this week.

    God is with us.