Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 3 of rehab report: we have an end date!

Yesterday was an exciting day for us as we now have a target date for Ted’s dismissal from Marion Joy!

The therapy team believes that he will be sufficiently functional / self-supportive to come home May 23rd. Though this is a tentative date dependant on his progress we are very excited. He has daily assessments (and a lot of acronyms I am still learning to understand) regarding his trength and mobility. For example, his UE (upper extremities) level is 75-99% compared to the norm (100%). He continues to have more and more use of his left leg and, in true to Ted fashion, he beat his physical therapy goal yesterday by walking 53 feet (the goal was 50!).

His right arm is progressing with strength and mobility in both the shoulder and elbow. He still needs assistance in ADL (average daily living) when eating since it is difficult to cut up one’s food with only one hand, especially when you are left handed and that is the one that is not working (at the moment). He did ask that I include on the daily report that he was able to butter and jelly his morning toast with no assistance.

His case worker is very confident that we will be able to attend our niece’s wedding on June 20th – most likely without the aid of a wheel chair (though he was amused by the thought of wheel chair races through the airport!). We have a series of tickets to the Chicago Cubs home games, including a couple of games at the end of May. We are hopeful that, perhaps with some help since our tickets are WAY up in the nosebleed section, he will be able to attend those games as well! Talk about your motivator.

On that note, I will sign off for today.
Thanks to everyone for your support and … Go CUBS!

Michelle & Ted


  1. Hey Ted,
    I am so glad to hear of your fantastic progress, and know you will do well after you return home. I have monitored brother Steve's progress this past year plus and have witnessed continued improvement as he aspires to achieve more and more. Hang in there, enjoy the music and keep the same hope that has kept you rooting for the Cubs all these years.
    Randy Patterson (Michele's cousin)

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