Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update from Michelle

Ted’s first full day of rehabilitation began at 6 AM with his morning wake up / here’s your medications followed by breakfast at 7 AM.

(All of us who know Ted know this is WAY earlier than he normally awakes much less has food).

Therapy consisted of three sessions – Occupational working with ways to get dressed, brush his teeth and otherwise do the tasks of daily living; Physical both worked on walking with a cane – he is able to put weight on his left leg and has some voluntary movement which apparently helps him in the walking; Speech – new exercises including sticking out his tongue and pursing his lips like he is kissing someone (I LIKE this last one). While the tone of his speech is still not the same as before the stroke the speed at which he speaks has increased / does not sound so labored and some of his normal inflections have returned – especially when the Cubs were winning the game last nite.

The therapy team is scheduled to meet on Wednesday to evaluate his sessions and to give us an estimated discharge date. Once home he will continue his therapy on an outpatient basis. They tell us there is a facility in Oakbrook, which will be more convenient to our home.

We continue to thank everyone for their cards, their prayers and thoughts. We would not get through this without you.


(note from Mary, the blogmistress: I think he would do better if they started therapy at around 9PM, and finished up at 2AM in the morning. He is definitely the night owl!)


  1. When I talked with Ted on the phone he said "They don't understand me here." I was surprised because he seemed to be talking very well and he explained, "They don't get my jokes!"

    Christopher Bowen

  2. I got a txt from Ted this morning, telling me that he's up way too early. I told him to suck it up, it's the time I get up every day to go to work! ;-)


  3. i try belive me. had a fabulous nite. i work with wonderful people (Sharon was here) and have so many woderful friends.