Monday, May 18, 2009

Putting it Together

Today’s update is rather lengthy (covering Friday and the weekend).

Friday’s therapy introduced the exercise bike (yes with both legs!); continued work on stairs, including what Ted has named the Steppes of Russia (8 steps in the center’s exit stairwells – a pretty extensive climb up and down); and another session on the Wii – this time Wii fitness using the balance board. Saturday brought more walking, including the ability to walk without his cane when he was supported by a member of the therapy team walking on either side of him. He said it was very exciting to be able to walk at a somewhat normal pace without the cane. The therapy team told him that they would report to “Drill Sergeant Sarah” that he did very well. (High praise indeed!).

Saturday afternoon Ted attended the Dog Therapy session (even though Ted is a cat person). Since the dogs included Dobermans we thought of our niece’s dogs out in Nebraska (Hi to Gwen and Cody!) Though Sunday is an “off” day, Ted made progress in arm movement. He said when he was taking his nap after church he was able to move his lower arm in bed like he does on the skateboard! Welcome back to those lower arm muscles! Can the fingers be far behind?

Ted was measured for a leg brace on Friday. It will give his left leg more stability when he walks and will help his recovery as an outpatient. The clinic doctor estimated that he would be back to work in around 90 days after his release from Marion Joy. Exciting news indeed.

Ted’s brother Rick will be joining our household on Tuesday as we prepare to learn what it takes to be Ted’s caregivers over the next several weeks.

In getting ready for Ted’s return home our wonderfully generous friends from the Summer Place Theater came on Saturday to install grab bars, paint the downstairs bath and otherwise help turn our basement TV room into TheMightyTed Recovery Headquarters. (Part of his home therapy may be doing the blog updates!) Thanks Dave, Jeff, Gena and Steve!

Once Ted is home next week we will give you an update on his schedule and “visiting hours”.

In spite of the Cubs 9th inning play in the games over the weekend Ted’s blood pressure continues to remain stable and within acceptable limits.
Thanks to all the visitors over the past weeks and the weekend (Bob and Joanne, Sue & Justin, Dale G., Mary V. , Dale R, all the library friends and co-workers, Dick & Bonnie, our pastors, choir friends, Alan, Natalie, Evan; Jane, Ethan & Dillon and all the others that I have forgotten to mention). It is your thoughts and prayers and visits and phone calls and emails and texts that are helping us through this unexpected journey.

Michelle & Ted

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