Tuesday, May 26, 2009


As many of you are already aware, Ted was released from Marion Joy Rehabilitation Hospital on Saturday, May 23rd, 2009 (A day, like April 26th, that is engraved on our memories).
Prior to Ted’s release, Ted, his brother Rick and I spent Friday continuing to work with the wonderful people at Marion Joy learning more about how to support Ted on the next part of his journey.

Ted finished the day on Friday equipped with his custom leg brace and his “BWM” wheel chair (a rental custom fit to his body and MUCH speedier than the “Chevy” he had at Marion Joy).
Our final therapy sessions with Nancy (occupational) and Drill Sergeant Sarah (physical) were focused on Ted’s routine at home and the exercises we will all be doing to enhance the outpatient therapy. (Motivation includes not having to go back to sleeping in the “Barbie Doll Toe Boot”!)

Speaking of outpatient therapy – his first session is scheduled for Thursday morning (yes – morning!). Ted is anxious to get started and this was the first available slot. He is scheduled to work on Physical and Occupational Therapy. Note that no speech therapy was prescribed. Between all the cell phone calls, regular room calls and personal visits Ted’s speech has rapidly improved – so keep those calls coming. (Probably best to use the house land line: 630-792-0853 as we get LOUSY cell phone reception in the house.) Text messaging to the cell phone and email to Ted’s work email (twalt@downersgrovelibrary.org) both work pretty well as alternate forms of communication.

Ted has been charged to continue to do his daily tongue exercises on his own (ask him about the “Big Z”). Now that the articulation is there and the speed of speech is coming back the last hurdle is to regain the inflections of regular conversation. Our choir will be pleased to hear that our vocal warm-ups are part of his “home work” as the best tool for helping Ted recover the “melody of speech”.

So .. we spent the weekend getting Ted (and us) settled in to our new routine. Ted loves his Mighty Ted headquarters with his big screen TV, full bath with grab bars, hand held shower and a fresh coat of paint (THANKS EVERYONE!) and is getting much better at navigating the stairs.

We were thrilled with the greeting of everyone as we did some grocery shopping at Mr. Z’s in Lombard (great steaks Steve!), went to church on Sunday (followed by brunch at one of our favorite spots – with healthy options on the menu) and relaxed on Monday (well.. sort of – there were several piles of laundry to be done!) before doing burgers on the grill.

This week brings a meeting with the team from Midwest University to fit Ted with his GPS and pedometer for the stroke study; going to Wrigley Field to TRY to bring the Cubs some luck after this terrible losing streak and starting the next phase of therapy on Thursday.

Updates to the blog will continue by Ted, Michelle or both of us as we have news to report.
Thanks to everyone for all your support and love. It really has, and will continue to, see us through this challenging time.


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