Thursday, May 14, 2009

The rain in spain stays mainly on the plain

Wednesday one of the highlights was a rousing game of Yatzee with the recreational therapist. Though the game is random throwing of the dice, Ted managed to achieve the highest score seen in the 6 years the therapist has been at the center – with THREE Yatzees.

Speech therapy continued with exercises, conversation and Ted helping one of his fellow stroke victims. Since she has memory difficulties Ted read to her from the newspaper and then she was asked by the therapist to recall facts from the articles read by Ted.

Occupational therapy is going well – Ted is now able to get dressed with very minimal assistance (just a bit of help in pulling on his pants – ooh – is that TMI?) He continues to work with the skateboard to improve arm strength and movement and to do sorting exercises while standing (several 4 minute stretches of standing before he would have to sit down).

In physical therapy the walking continues and he says that “Drill Sergeant Sarah” will not let him “get away with” anything – she calls Ted out when his left foot is lazy or the right foot is not in the proper position for optimum balance. Good for her!

Thanks to everyone for all your cards, phone calls and visits. They are much appreciated.


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