Monday, November 23, 2009

We are so overdue updating the blog, but with the holidays life is very busy. Ted is working part time in the Junior Room through January 31, 2010.

He decided his full time job should be focused on getting all of his strength back. All of his various exercise programs including working out at the gym with his trainer Joey, doing Wii Fit, and acupuncture all take time. The acupuncture is paying off, there is a lot of movement in his left hand, but no motor skills yet. At the gym Ted was recently able to press as much as 60 pounds with his left leg quite an accomplishment for a kid who was always the last guy picked in PE in high school. Wii Fit 2 has some great new balance games. But Ted stills likes to feed the penguins. Our new friends Michael Vaughn and Ross Kennedy came by over the weekend. They helped carry things up from the basement. Ross fixed gumbo and potato salad and Michael sat down at the piano with Ted, taped his left hand over Ted’s left hand and played. It was amazing to start working those fingers again.

Work is very challenging and Ted is having fun reading the Wimpy Kid books. If you are an adult you will really enjoy the characters and the middle school situations. With Thanksgiving just around the corner Ted and Michelle are looking forward to all the festivities of the week. Tuesday November 24th is our 25th Wedding Anniversary. This had been the toughest year of our marriage but we are still going strong. Ted’s family : Betty and Rick, Nancy and Gary and Joe Ward, Laura and Jonathan Rehor, newlyweds Sarah and Joshua Morphew will be arriving in the Chicago area for the big turkey and wedding anniversary celebration. Ted finally converted his speech in church to an unloadable file for YouTube thanks to Dale Galiniak. The speech is in two parts and you can use the following link for part one and this link for part two We know we are blessed with the love of our family and friends and hope you are able to be with you loved ones this holiday season.

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