Monday, June 8, 2009

Old Friends

This is the blogmistress writing here. Ted had an action-packed weekend (I'll only write about Saturday events). Ted's friend (and mine) from high school, Karl Augsburger, was performing in "The Producers" down in our hometown, Peoria, at Cornstock Theater (a summer stock theater-in-the round). He was playing Roger DeBris, and I must say, he looked STUNNING in his black sparkly gown for the Choreographer's Ball.

We obtained a van, and Ted, Michelle, Rick (Ted's brother), my son (age 24 and designated driver on the ride home because he has good eyes), and I ventured down to Peoria Saturday afternoon, where we dined at Agatucci's (a somewhat seedy pizza joint that has been in Peoria since the Stone Age), drove by our old homesteads, and attended the show.

The production was great, and we ventured home after the show, with aforementioned young person doing the drive back to Chicago (thanks, Bob).

Below are some photos:

Below: Ted and Karl

Below: Karl, Ted, and the blogmistress

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